Richard, MD

There are honestly no words to describe how enlightening this medical mission trip to Guatemala city was. I went there not knowing what to expect and what I got was truly indescribable. Over 500 patients were treated by some of the most renown doctors in the world and I feel lucky to have learned from all of them. Furthermore, spending time with the kids at Misioneros Del Camino who were abandoned and abused by their parents was truly the most heartwarming part. I truly recommend attending one of these trips for anyone who wants to experience a significant impact on their life!

upcoming missionS

Emmaus Medical Mission hosts bi-annual trips each year in the fall and summer. Throughout the year, we host fundraisers and  "packing parties" in Miami, Florida where we pack donated medication and supplies. Email us to receive updates on upcoming events!

Emmaus Medical Mission

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Our history

Mercy, Volunteer

I have been blessed to be a part of the Emmaus Medical Mission and Misioneros Del Camino trips since 2009. For the past few years, I have had the opportunity to medically treat the humble and poor people of Guatemala! These yearly missionary trips have been the most rewarding experience of my life. The amazing doctors, nurses and volunteers that participate have become part of my family and every mission is more and more gratifying. If you attend one mission, I guarantee you will be hooked and I promise your life will change forever.

mission & vision

Our goal has been, and will always be to ensure that those who have been forgotten are never forgotten again. With the help of our supporters, we are able to provide year-round medical care and aid to individuals with minimal resources who need it most.

Jonathan, Volunteer

A few years ago, I went on my first mission because several of my family members had gone in the past and highly recommended that I go as well. Not having any knowledge of medicine, I didn't think I could really help the mission, but I decided to go anyways. It is impossible to put the experience into words. Having the opportunity to work with so many amazing doctors, nurses, and volunteers was great. We treated hundreds of patients in just 3 days. The feeling of helping others is the best feeling in the world, and not only have already gone back, but I plan on attending each mission in the future!    


In 2001, a small group of doctors, nurses, and volunteers traveled to a small village in Guatemala with the goal of providing quality medical care, medication, and vitamins for humanitarian purposes and to further enhance goodwill of the United States in Latin America. After treating well over a thousand incredibly grateful patients, the medical team committed to returning every six months thereafter to treat those in need in Guatemala.    

Twice per year, Emmaus Medical Mission offers patients in Guatemala a broad range of medical services, including: pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, Gastroenterology, Pulmonary, Urology, Infectious Disease, Dermatology, Hematology, Oncology, Dental, General and Maxillofacial Surgery, odiatry, Psychology, Pharmacy, and Chiropractic Services. Patients in Guatemala travel from all over the country and also rely on the mission for return visits, for medical conditions such as malnutrition, hypertension, diabetes, dehydration, parasitic infestation, asthma, allergies, skin diseases, syncope, chronic lung infections, and gastrointestinal tract problems. For over a decade, Emmaus Medical Mission has given patients from impoverished areas across Guatemala the opportunity to receive high-quality healthcare that they would not otherwise have the resources to obtain. The foundation of our mission has always been to provide love and medical care for those who have been forgotten, and to ensure that they are never forgotten again. With your help, we can continue to make this dream a reality.

During the missions, our team of doctors, nurses, and volunteers stay at Misioneros Del Camino, a home for the orphaned, abandoned, and malnourished children, founded by Leonor Portela, better known as Mami Leo. Every child at Misioneros Del Camino is provided with love and education to help them become productive citizens of Guatemala to ultimately break the cycle of violence, poverty, and abuse from which they came. Since 2007, Misioneros Del Camino has also been the home to a high-quality neurological center that provides free therapies (including speech, sensorial, psychological, occupational, and physical) to nearly 200 children with developmental disorders so that they can have endless opportunities for a better life—for both themselves and their families. To find out more about Misioneros Del Camino and the neurological center, please click here:

Jennifer, Volunteer

In the eyes of our Guatemalan patients, and in the eyes of the children we visit at Misioneros Del Camino, it doesn't matter who is a doctor, a nurse, a volunteer with no medical experience, or someone who doesn't even speak a word of Spanish. What matters to them is that there are people who care enough about them to take the time and effort to be there and help improve their lives. If you have an open heart and you can provide a warm smile, a hand to hold, or even better, a loving hug, then you can make a difference with Emmaus Medical Mission. Because when we visit Guatemala, we are all doctors.


Every year, nearly 100 doctors, nurses, medical student, and volunteers join our team twice per year to provide medical care and attention in the impoverished, mountainous region of Sumpango, Sacatepéquez Guatemala.